About Us

Mr.Nataraj is a yogi from Coimbatore, the southern manchester of India. He has been doing yoga and meditation since he was a teenager. After many years of intense yoga practice and research in various spiritual paths, he was initiated as a yoga teacher of his former guru. During that time, he got interest towards "Thiruvarutpa" and "Thiru.Ramalinga Vallalar".

"Thiru.Ramalinga Adigalar" Commonly known as "Vallalar" was a saint, who made his body alike a torch and joined with light. The saint he met was a follower of "Thiru. Ramalinga Vallalar". Alike before, he got attracted to "Thiruvaasagam".

"Manikavasagar, a saint who went inside Chidambharam Nataraja's temple did not return back. He got a lot of respect and interest towards Buddha too, who gave a good path to mankind.

At these times, he used to go to his guru's sacred place and do "suriya Yoga".

Why yoga

  • It helps to control your body while working out by doing yoga
  • For proper breathe to reduce risks for the body
  • Helps to calm your mind
  • To improve flexibility on your body
  • Helps to relief stress
  • Improves your immunity power
  • will help beat menstrual pain
  • will help you improve your posture
  • will protect you from injuries
  • will help you beat migraines
  • helps to have good sleep
  • improve your overall sexual health

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  • Wealth
  • happiness
  • Youth
  • life

Pure Nature

  • patience
  • dispassion
  • angerless
  • Pure Monk
  • Charity
  • Suttrandhazhal
  • Being with Friends
  • Appreciating Friendship