" praying for good health, wealth and peace for all living things in the world including Human, Animals, birds, plants and other natures such as Ocean, Earth. Santhi Yoga's goal is simply to grow good relationship throughout the world which doesn't have diversity like religion, language, region worldwide. Santhi yoga prays for humans to live with natural resources and aims to oppose bio-war and other illegal activities throughout the world. Santhi Yoga just aims for good living with natural resources and also without destroying the nature. "

  • Natarajan

    "Shanthi Yoga"

  • Shanthi Yoga

    For Peace of mind and controlling wavering mind, it can be implemented and can realize through experience.

  • Prana Yoga

    Prana Yoga helps you to breathe and live with greater joy. It is the basic stage of Yoga.

  • Chakra Yoga

    Every person has six sources, each source Knowing their level of giving Contemplation is the way to know the god.

  • Suriya Yoga

    This is the source of life and humanity and it was praised for the character which Sun has.

  • Kundalini Yoga

    It is the source that arose from the upper level of the classic experience. It may not be able to explain, can realize in person only by practice.

  • Yoga Nithra

    It is the next stage of Kundalini Yoga. After crossing a high-level position, you feel wonderful and true.

  • Knowing ourself

    During Meditative state, you'll find your body and its reaction from outside.

  • Self Defencing Yoga

    Prana Yoga helps you to breathe and live with greater joy. It is the basic stage of Yoga.

  • Suriya Namaskar

    The sun symbolises spiritual consciousness and in ancient times, was worshipped on a daily basis.

Pathanjali Yoga Sutras

" Yoga´s Eight Limbs are: the various forms of disposal to hurt (iyama), celebration of certain things (niyama), postures (asana), pranakontrol (pranayama), withdrawal of the mind from sense objects (pratyahara), concentration (dharana) , meditation (dhyana) and opgåen in Atman (samadhi). "